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about me  

My name is Asma Elbadawi, I discovered the power of poetry at primary school and it became the tool I carried around with me to communicate many personal and social issues I encountered in life.


To me it's a form of art that I'm very passionate about. Every step of my creative process, from researching and understanding the subject and clients goal to using my own imagination and skills with words is important to me. As it allows every poem I write to be unique.


Alongside poetry I have also played basketball for over 10 years and been involved in many other sports throughout my life. The lack of representation and numerous bans on head wear while I was growing up meant that I didn't see women who looked like me, at elite levels and in the media which impacted my own sports career. 


In 2018 the #fibaaallowhijab campaign made history, and succeeded in Campaigning the International Basketball Federation to change its head wear rules to accommodate women who choose to wear hijab. A campaign I was proud to have been a part of. 


Since then I continue to advocate for more Inclusivity and diversity in women's sports through talks, my personal social media and working with brands to ensure that younger girls and women who identify with women who look like me, feel represented and welcome in all aspects of sport. 

“Whether on film or in the flesh, Asma Elbadawi has an undeniable, almost electrical presence – it’s no wonder that she’s shot to fame over the past year as an outstanding performance poet.”   Verbal Remedy

I am proud to be bring to you my debut poetry collection!

Belongings is, as it sounds, a collection of my thoughts and feelings that depict the very heart of my life as a British Sudanese woman. A life that contains multiple influences, expectations and juxtapositions. My poems are raw and unfiltered – I hold little back in my work, covering subjects personal to me such as migration, mental health, racism and sport.

These lines that started out as spoken pieces have finally made it to the page, to be read and savoured. I presents you with that which is mine. My Belongings.



‘Asma’s strong sense of justice and honest exploration of difficult themes infuses a lot of her poetry.’ – Hanan Issa for MuslimGirl

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